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HubSpot deployment, strategy and influencer marketing

Overcoming scattered MarTech and getting service providers to raise the bar

The Challenge

After several years of struggling to branch out their services, our team discovered that processes and systems for marketing, sales and general program management were preventing the company from expanding its reach.

With a scattered marketing tech stack, no clear branding and the inability to gauge the buying intent of prospective students, we realized that there were major operational hurdles that needed to be breached in order for the company to be successful.

On top of the operational challenges, were also vendor management issues - working with agencies that took advantage of the kindness of the owner and tried to justify lackluster results in exchange for an astronomical amount of money for services.

Putting our client's best interests first, we assessed those negotiations had to take place in order for their team to be healthy and their monthly marketing spend to yield a healthy ROI. 

Too Much MarTech
Having too many of the same marketing platforms was weighing down their ability to efficiently manage marketing efforts and created unnecessary costs.
Lackluster Service Providers
Working with poor-quality contractors and marketing agencies weighed down the success and time to market - causing the organization to lose money.
Nonexistent Processes
With no systems or processes in place for the "why" behind marketing and sales programs and campaigns, measuring success was near-impossible to achieve.
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The Solution

Starting with a discovery session, our client knew that we had paid attention to the fine details of the organization's challenges. We began by outlining a detailed report of our findings - from internal technology systems to external vendor relationship and accountability issues.

Within a two-week period, our team had begun to build out new operational infrastructures for marketing channels, including the goal of unifying their marketing programs into a single, unified platform within HubSpot.

First, creating a master marketing plan, our client could easily see who and what resources were needed to support their monthly goals for lead generation and brand awareness. 

We then began building out their content plan, solidifying the messaging and positioning and developing purpose and goals for each of their active team members - providing them with a clear vision for what they needed to support their goals. 

After discussing their vendor challenges, we went to bat for the organization and negotiated with the poorly performing agency - helping them retrieve over $12k spent on lackluster results and replacing them with better resources. 

Closely working with their existing executive team, we helped create consistent, fluid objectives and provided everyone with the tools they needed to understand how to properly measure success. 

So, what was the bottomline?

Retrieved over $12k from agency failures

We worked with the client to help them negotiate the termination of poorly performing marketing services.

Team Members Were Empowered

Creating purpose for team, we showed them how their contributions added to the company's success and productivity increased.

Unified Disconnected Marketing Systems

Taking the marketing tech stack from multiple disconnected systems and unifying them into a single solution, HubSpot.

Processes That Supported Revenue

We took the time to create processes that supported predictable revenue and built consistency that could be easily measured.

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