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Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting our site! After many years of working in global B2B marketing and sales companies (from start-ups to Fortune 50), in 2016 I decided to start a strategic marketing and sales consulting firm that puts people before profit - helping them succeed more than ever.

My vision was to create an environment where my partners and I could come together and do what we had always talked about around the corporate water cooler: break down the barrier of entry for companies to become the enterprises they know they can become. 

The core of our operation is set on this key mantra: Educate. Direct. Ignite.

We work to educate businesses about real-life marketing and sales best practices, direct them in how to properly leverage tools, platforms, and strategies, and ignite their passion for growth. 

We can't wait to work with you on the adventure that is your business!

Reach out to me directly if you have any questions at beth@krohnmarketing.com - I look forward to hearing from you!

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Our Corporate Identity

who we are

Who We Are

We work with businesses that want to grow, change and become leaders in their industry. Spanning SaaS, IT, financial services and more, our clients are always set up to be successful and thrive in the areas they require the most improvement. 

Our mission is to ensure that all businesses have access to education-focused advisory services and are enabled to pursue their dreams and endeavors in a way that positions them to be successful.

Our vision is to see every responsible American startup and small business succeed and contribute to build a healthy economy.

Our goal is to show businesses how they can become less dependent on agencies and contractors that lack quality, value and empathy - building teams that support long term growth and trusted relationships that span a lifetime.

We are not an agency.  As a part of our corporate identity, we do not support an agency model for services. This means that we will never be a large, bloated company that focuses on the bottom-line and places its customers last. Working with us will always mean that you come first - every time and quality will supersede quantity.

We provide a personalized, 1:1 relationship with clients and go above and beyond to support them before supporting our own corporate goals. This is our client-first model and will not change.

However, don't think that our size equates our reach and impact. We work with enterprises on a global scale to help them revive their sales and marketing efforts, launch new initiatives and divisions - helping them significantly improve and optimize their bottom-line.

Our value is our experience, network, and high-quality service. You will always get the truth and never receive sub-part results from our team of A+, vetted and tenured knowledge experts.

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Company Timeline

  • getting started-1
    Leaving The Corporate World
    After many years of working for government, non-profit, Fortune and traditional corporate organizations, Elizabeth Krohn decided to leave the corporate world and offer her knowledge to start-ups and small businesses - helping them understand how to reach their goals and develop from SMB to Enterprise.
  • across america
    Taking Off Across America
    Developing relationships with business owners and executive leaders in the Eastern United States, Elizabeth began to branch the company out across the U.S., landing in Phoenix, Arizona and beginning to expand into new verticals.
  • covid 19 woman in yellow shirt (1)
    Standing The Test Of COVID
    Along with the rest of the world, Krohn Marketing took a brief pause to adjust to the global pandemic that rocked the world in 2020. Never closing, but continuing to develop digital relationships, Krohn Marketing decided to go completely virtual and expanded into international territory, including the UK, Australia and Canada.
  • group learning circle
    Incorporation And Expansion
    Incorporating in 2021, Krohn Marketing Inc. entered 2022 on a path to deliver not only consulting and managed marketing services, but also education-based marketing training, coaching and development for marketing professionals - focusing on filling the gap in today's leadership and professional marketing development needs.

We're Hiring!

Explore our current openings and join the team. Enjoy remote-work with a team that believes in support, instruction and accountability at all levels.

Interested in one of the positions listed below?

Click on the listing to contact us or send your resume directly to support@krohnmarketing.com with the job title in the subject line.

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HubSpot Website Developers (Hourly, Contract)
We're growing and looking for quality developers to help us expand our practice. If you're a tenured developer with experience building HubSpot websites for B2B companies, contact us today to explore how you can join the team.
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Copywriter (Project-Based, Contract)
Telling a story is what you've been born to do - and helping companies tell theirs is why you get up in the morning. You're a native U.S. speaker with a reputation for excellence with your writings and understand how to work with B2B clients.
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Email Marketing Specialist (Hourly, Contract)
If you have 3+ years of experience creating email marketing drips in HubSpot, crafting workflows and helping companies understand how to automate their communications and building strategies that make an impact - reach out to us!

Why Giving Back Matters To Us

When you work with us, you're not only working with the best marketing consultants and support team in the country, you're also becoming a part of our community and who we give back to. Our company supports various organizations and strives to give back through volunteer time, direct financial contributions and much more. We all come from humble beginnings and wouldn't be where we are today without the support of others - giving us a hand, up.

Offering Hope, Ending Poverty and

Giving the Gift of Education

Krohn Marketing Inc. and its employees have sponsored children from all corners of the world through Compassion International and organizations like it for nearly 15 years - having touched the lives of over 12 children in the countries of Nigeria, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Uganda, and Brazil. 

We believe that education is a universal human right and a gift that those who have been bestowed with it have the responsibility to return to others. By not only educating companies, but our communities at large, we create a better world. We also believe in doing our part to help end poverty through education and providing essential resources like food, shelter and clothing, as well as also providing the gift of hope and purpose that only the Gospel can provide.  

Supporting Families that Need Homes

Krohn Marketing Inc. has worked with and supports homeless shelters for men, women and children. Having a sense of stability, refuge and permanency supports personal growth, a healthy lifestyle and offers hope in times where there may not seem to be any.

Supporting organizations like House of Refuge - Sunnyslope offers our organization a way to become a part of the solution to homelessness in the Phoenix, Arizona area and shine light into the lives of those in our surrounding communities. 

Empowering Parents To Care For Their Children

Krohn Marketing Inc. believes that is does, indeed, take a village to raise a child. In supporting our local community and funding organizations like Agape Adoption Agency of Arizona to help parents find the best resources to support and care for those children, while also offering children a safe haven while their parents spend time creating a safe and supportive home environment.

We believe in caring for our community and extending hope to those without it.

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