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Human Services Organization

Lack of brand awareness hindered efforts

This city mission was in need of fundraising and digital marketing support to help them drive awareness in surrounding communities about the crisis of homelessness and hunger. They lacked a cohesive small business engagement plan and knew that they were underutilizing avenues for community engagement but were unsure of where to begin and which would be most helpful.

They also struggled to utilize their marketing channels effectively to engage with their existing donors and volunteers. 

Serving homeless and hungry men, women and children created many opportunities for the mission to create unity and comradery in their community, however their existing building preventing them from serving the populations that needed their help most.

They sought expertise in fundraising to help with capital development and create programs that would transform the way they were able to engage with those in need.

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Developing solutions that increased awareness

Working with the mission required us to spend time with their fundraising teams, marketing teams, social work teams, ministry teams and also the individuals themselves who were dependent on their services.

We dove in to understand their pain points and established a benchmark for where the mission could begin to create new initiatives to drive donor engagement and open new doors to build relationships and create programs for capital development. 

Working with their existing PR team and volunteer center, we supported the development of a school engagement program that encouraged the participation of over 12 school districts and thousands of students to donate over $1M in gifts-in-kind to the shelter, helping them reduce costs and reallocate funds to support their new building initiatives.

Relationships with companies like GEICO, Citibank and other enterprise companies were also established with our direction and corporate giving programs were crafted - creating opportunities for the mission to not only achieve but exceed their capital development fundraising goals. 

So, what was the bottom line?

New, revenue-centric initiatives

Programs were created with longevity and scalability in mind - encouraging consistent engagement and predictable opportunities for donors to get involved with the organization.

Defined fundraising and marketing programs

Using their existing marketing and development systems, we were able to encourage the use of modernized platforms and processes to support marketing and fundraising.

Increased community involvement

It was very easy for the community and school systems to understand how they could help the mission - with donor-level, relatable programs that every generation could get involved with.

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