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Not gathering data was standing in the way of growth

A multi-million dollar tax and financial services firm in Phoenix, Arizona, was facing the challenge of understanding how to properly implement and leverage internal marketing and sales systems.

With failed prior deployments, no leadership structure, and zero processes in place, they reached out to Krohn Marketing to help them craft their brand and bring their existing marketing efforts into one, unified, well-oiled data-driven machine. 

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Internal systems, teams and processes were non-existent

The company struggled to measure existing marketing performance due to a heavily disjointed tech stack, zero internal processes and also no defined roles for their existing marketing team. They were a unicorn company who had achieved great success in only two short years of existence, but were struggling to keep the ship floating due to lack of infrastructure. 

All reporting was managed through Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, which lead to a heavy amount of human error, and sales information was tracked via ZoHo CRM which was greatly mismanaged and producing massive amounts of incorrect information. What was created with the best of intentions was causing the company to fly blind, making forecasting and activity tracking impossible. 

Time had come to hire a marketing leader and

They knew they needed a Fractional CMO


CEO and Founder of Krohn Marketing, Elizabeth Krohn, was hired by the FinTech firm to hire and train a digital marketing team for the company.

From the ground, up, she worked with executive leadership to devise a GTM plan, construct sales, marketing and business development teams, implement CRM and CMS systems that supported a scalable growth model, and implemented professional development programs for existing team members of the company that were focused on the model of servant leadership.

Within 6-months, Elizabeth had successfully hired, trained and deployed a team of 14 marketers to support the company's goals, as well as onboarded, designed and crafted marketing systems that allowed the company to finally visualize, track and forecast marketing activities and the ROI that would continue to drive them forward.

After 12-months, she had lessened vendor dependency by 50% and eliminated redundant costs at the firm, empowered them to independently thrive and created data-driven decision making, resources, tools and process to help them accelerate growth.

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