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Understanding the role of a Fractional CMO

A Fractional CMO brings a wealth of experience from the corporate world, combining expertise in the latest marketing strategies with a deep understanding of how to drive revenue for your organization.

Marketing is a crucial department focused on boosting sales, building brand awareness, generating leads, telling compelling stories, managing corporate identity, and handling public relations. If you're a business looking for a higher level of market insight and a cost-effective solution, hiring a Fractional CMO is the smartest investment you can make.

A Fractional CMO goes beyond being a mere consultant offering advice on best practices. They serve as a strategic executive for your organization, collaborating closely with diverse teams to design and implement revenue-driving campaigns and strategies, primarily in marketing but also potentially extending to sales.

Additionally, Fractional CMOs play a vital role in recruiting and training marketing departments, optimizing lead generation efforts, revitalizing branding, and taking ownership of strategic communications, PR, and more.

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And lets just quickly review...

What a Fractional CMO is not

A Fractional CMO is not simply a follower, executing marketing campaigns and programs under the sole request of various authorities such as CEOs, CROs, CFOs, CSOs, or others.
Instead, they embody the role of a fully empowered executive leader, collaborating with the C-Suite to conceive, implement, and oversee revenue-generating, marketing initiatives. In simpler terms, they share the ultimate authority and responsibility in creating and managing your marketing endeavors and will work in and on activities with supporting team members.
Fractional CMOs are not miracle workers. Simply hiring a Fractional CMO does not guarantee the success of your company's endeavors. Why?
Because their ability to effectively perform their roles depends on the support of the entire organization. This includes having a sufficient budget to work with, leveraging available resources, and having the trust and authority to accomplish the tasks at hand.
And to help you bring it home...

Stats and facts about Fractional CMOs

Did you know that many companies overlook the fact that marketing leadership is required to achieve success?

Companies waste thousands of dollars each year on hiring low-cost, ineffective marketing leaders because they think that they don't need the expertise that an executive leader provides. 

Your team needs direction, support and guidance - whether internal or external. Working with a Fractional CMO allows companies to get the expertise they require without the costs associated in hiring a full-time, executive marketing figurehead.

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65 %
Failure Rate without a CMO
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40 %
Avg team churn without a CMO
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35 %
increase in revenue with a CMO
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dollars lost per hire that resigns due to lack of leadership

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