Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to work with you?

Our pricing structure is very transparent and provided to you after an initial discovery session is conducted. The reasoning behind why we do not have pricing listed on our website is due to the fact that every client has different requirements - all of which will most definitely impact the cost of the services we provide. Our pricing can be both hourly-based or project-based - all dependent on what is in the best interest of our client. We do have a minimum project acceptance cost for each type of business and provide a 10% discount on our standard rates for non-profit organizations.

Can our company join your preferred partner or vendor list?

We're always looking for excellent solution providers for our clients as our primary objective is to support their business and marketing needs. If you are a website designer. website developer, graphic designer, paid ads manager, lead gen expert, videographer or other creative professional, please connect with us at support@krohnmarketing.com and place the phrase "New Vendor Inquiry" in the subject line. Please include your most recent portfolio and why you'd like to connect with our team, as well as references from (3) clients in the past 12 months that you've worked with.

Why do you only work with certain industries?

Similar to what Liam Neeson said in the movie Taken, we possess a certain set of skills... and we stick to what we know and are good at. If you don't see your industry or industry-type represented as one that we work with, it's not that we don't like you or are discriminatory. We're simply transparent enough to tell you that we wouldn't be the best resource to help you be successful. And, why hire someone or a company to pay them to provide you with poor results? That's no bueno.

Will you meet with our team in person or only provide virtual services?

For very unique circumstances, we will meet with clients in person - whether locally in Phoenix, Arizona or nationally. We do provide services for international clients, but do not travel internationally. Any travel-related expenses (i.e. mileage, parking, plane tickets, car rentals, etc...) will be passed on to the client as an additional cost if on-site training or meetings are required and agreed to by both parties.

Do you provide lead generation services?

Marketing is not lead generation (to clear that up), but marketing can support a well-oiled, lead generation (or revenue generation) machine. Marketing best practices have to first be established to create an excellent lead generation or "growth hacking" strategy. This means that if your existing marketing is in rough shape (inconsistent, off-brand, disjointed or unclear), or terribly set up (too many systems that support systems of systems that do "the things" - aka not unified or communicating correctly) your lead generation will fall flat if it exists or will not yield the results you're looking for if the machine is built with bad parts. In short, yes, we provide lead generation services. But we will not offer them to clients who do not have their marketing squared away first.

We need some "quick wins" for our marketing efforts - can you help us?

Quick wins are for poker games and live sessions of Halo matches. Not for marketing. This doesn't mean that we don't provide results - and quick ones, to boot. Marketing is as much as an art as it is an action, strategy, technique and activity. Depending on what your goals are, and what your existing marketing set up looks like, yes, we can, will and have set up our clients to radically change their internal marketing and operations in record timing. This is all dependent on how much work is needed to get you to a place where wins are even achievable. Don't have your product or pricing set up yet? Not sure what your brand messaging is? Curious if you have the right personas? Have your marketing systems in 18 different places with 64 different logins? All of these things and more, we can quickly help you with. But if you're looking for "quick revenue", you have to have your marketing house in order first. See the above question about lead generation for more about what we mean by that.

Help! We need a website and all of the developers we've worked with are terrible.

We hear you! And yes, unfortunately, in today's world it's very hard to find decent developers! We do not offer website services, such as website design, development, hosting or migration. We DO offer strategy pertaining to website copy, strategic site mapping, website optimization for visitor experience and lead generation. As a result, we do work with an approved and vetted list of preferred partners that we're happy to recommend you to. What does that mean? They're honest, straight forward, don't sell more than they can actually (and literally) provide, and are priced according to your budget. We're happy to make a referral and encourage you contact us (click the button above) if you'd like one.

Can you help us find funding or create a proposal to help us find investors?

Unfortunately, we do not provide that service. We trust that our clients have the funding in place that allows us to help them begin to achieve their goals. We do not provide services to promote or support investment, do not accept profit sharing or take "sweat-equity" as payment for our services. We do understand the grind and grit that it takes to get to the point of being a funded company, and ask you to contact us when you've accomplished that goal.

Do you outsource your work to countries or workers outside of the United States?

We believe in America first. All of our employees are U.S.-based workers and why our associated costs reflect that. We may, however, recommend a solution provider or contractor that is outside of the U.S. if it is in the best interest of the customer or we cannot provision the services for them ourselves, such as website development services - a solution we do not offer. 

We have limited funding - do you provide net terms or payment plans?

For clients that have been with us for 6 months or more, have paid their invoices on time, and are transacting at a certain level each month, we do provide Net Terms. Our standard requirements are payment in full for new clients with a continuation of Net 7 for regular, monthly transactions. Project-based work, depending on total amount, is either due in full before the project begins or requires 50% down and 50% upon project completion. Very rarely, if ever, will we provide more than Net 15 payment terms. If you are an enterprise company and require Net 30 payment terms, please expect to pre pay for services as Net30+ will not be provided.

As consultants, do you just advise or can you do the work?

It may come as quite a shock, but yes - we do both, and here's why. As consultants, we don't believe that we could successfully consult without the actual implementation experience and a track-record or tested results to back it up. Anyone can read a book or listen to podcasts. Not everyone has the experience to challenge that advice and direction by applying it directly to the situation at hand and make it work for the customer. That's what we do and why we're not like other firms. In fact, we highly advise our clients to distance themselves from consultants that only advise. It's like getting in the car with someone and letting them drive but they only have a permit and have never driven a car before. Bad idea, but your choice. 

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