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The Challenge

Headquartered in the Western United States, with offices around the globe, an international legal advocacy firm with an over 1.2M donor database was struggling to develop internal fundraising systems for their digital and direct marketing divisions, as well as devising new personas and G2M messaging to combat the decline of their aging constituents. Utilizing systems like, Pardot, Wrike and external direct mail vendors, the organization struggled to best understand how to operate within a restrained budget and limited internal knowledge experts.

Their internal Pardot systems were overburdened with overly complex segmentations, tags, workflows and strategy, and they found themselves stuck in lengthy internal review processes that prevented content from being developed and distributed to existing constituents for fundraising. They also struggled with their external vendor management that lacked supervision and their lack of strategy for acquiring next-gen constituents was causing existing donors to age-out of contributing to the organization's mission.

Legacy Fundraising Systems
Working with outdated systems and legacy fundraising systems, they struggled to increase constituent engagement as well as direct mail and digital donations.
Unknown Donor Behaviors
With no automated marketing systems in place, the organizations struggled to understand what their digital and direct mail donors were most interested in supporting.
Poor Internal Communication
Teams were siloed and leadership struggled to work together to unify teams towards joint cause-marketing initiatives and campaign development.
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The Solution

As a result, we discovered that the inefficiencies of their MarOps infrastructure, as well as the lack of MarOps knowledge that their existing marketing team possessed, was costing the organization an incredible amount of unnecessary spend and overburdening their team with unrealistic expectations based on their existing knowledge.

We devised a plan and worked with the executive leadership team to work directly with their team to train them in how to leverage strategy to attract new donors and understand how to critically approach process requirements for fundraising systems and messaging.

After 18 months we were able to be a resource for data-driven decision advocacy to support executive leadership, create new project management processes and systems and utilize their existing system to smooth out an over 120+ step, multi-team direct mail delivery system. The best part? Their internal teams had a plan for how to go to market to attain new donors, understood how to utilize process to fit their team's bandwidth, as well as the realize that they had a caring team of advisors that supported growth-centered, organization-first decision making.

So, what was the bottomline?

Increased Internal Communications and Processes

We worked with several internal teams to unify systems and increase team-centered communication. 

Team Members Were Empowered

Team members saw how their contributions added to the organization's success, productivity increased, and fundraising gained creativity.

Fundraising Became Data-Driven

Leveraging the data provided by processes, automations and outputs, the organization was able to understand their donor database.

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