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The Challenge

Headquartered in the Western United States, this fast-growing national news publication was struggling to establish clear and consistent branded programs that properly represented their mission of making the truth accessible to everyone at all times. 

With zero (yes, we said zero) marketing efforts attempted outside of purchasing multiple social media channels across several platforms, this publication had reached its max capacity of reaching interested readers and required new avenues to talk to their ideal population.

They did have existing syndicated content deals and other internal advertising that was helping them generate revenue from page views, however, this was simply a quick win that left them dead in the water if a "bad month" occurred and readers decided to take a break from the news. 

Also struggling with a majority of workers being Gen-Z and Millennial age groups, leadership teams struggled to understand how to best work with new, aspiring writers and thought leaders - dealing with an incredibly high turnover rate and challenges with professional empathy and leadership.

Poor Infrastructure
As occurs in many fast-growing companies, this publication lacked professional infrastructures that supported employee growth and engagement.
Brand & Messaging Confusion
Without consistent brand standards and guidelines, product, leadership and company messaging were inconsistent - resulting in weak branding and reader confusion.
Money-First Mentality
Focusing more on the bottom-line of ad money that massive amounts of articles could produce, they failed to see that they lacked quality content.
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The Solution

The primary challenge with this publication was that their leadership team was driven by executive management to focus on revenue before messaging, programs and team members. We introduced new ways for them to implement a servant leadership model for their teams, putting the needs of their employees at the forefront of their leadership goals and charging them with more responsibility to help them feel like they were making a difference within their role.

As a result, they were able to implement a leadership model that not only supported professional growth and reduced turnover, but allowed them to focus more on creating quality, consistent content instead of quantities of articles to try to hit the bottom of their revenue barrel. 

Their existing marketing efforts were pretty much DOA and required rebranding and messaging to be evaluated for quality and engagement. New marketing opportunities were created for them by the implementation of refreshed digital advertising packages - increasing their MoM advertising dollars from 5 to 6 figures in less than 60 days. 

Working alongside their existing advertising vendor, our company worked with them to negotiate better pricing and increase revenue for the publication by 30% across all advertising channels. 

So, what was the bottomline?

Ad Revenue Increased Significantly

Teaching them how to better leverage their digital advertising and unify their marketing systems made their efforts more efficient and profitable.

Team Members Were Empowered

By creating purpose for team members in their roles and showing them how their contributions added to the company's success, productivity increased.

Leadership Was Encouraged And Redirected

It's easy to get stuck in a rut as a leadership team. We were able to work with them to provide new ideas for how to create and maintain a healthy workplace.

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