Managed Services Provider (SAP)

HubSpot CMS/Marketing Hub and Technical Content Development

Making SAP on Cloud appealing to decision makers and unifying internal marketing systems

The Challenge

We could easily define SAP itself as a challenge, being a legacy ERP and well known across global industries since its inception in the 1970s, but there was much more to this situation than we realized when first meeting our client.

They were struggling to find technical content writers and marketing funnel experts to not only try to make their content readable to anyone working within an SAP business system, but also to understand where these personalities were in the buying cycle or process by creating intent data. 

Internal systems were dysfunctional, and teams were constantly having to deal with last-minute deliverables, forcing them to work until the 11th hour as a result of frequent shifts in direction from their C-level executives.

This meant that not only were they an international managed services provider with teams in countries around the world, but that they needed to create material and systems that would support global messaging and marketing practices that reflected the needs of each culture.

Mismanaged HubSpot
Their internal HubSpot systems were weighed down by poor management and infrastructure set up - causing constant confusion and inefficiencies.
Lacked SAP Copywriters
Their inability to find talent that could develop content that was technical, savvy and that told a story was preventing them from converting prospects to leads.
Zero Journey Data
Without a specific and clear plan, as well as limited content, they were unable to learn about their prospects and gather data to support conversions.
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The Solution

With this client, we dove right in. The first thing our team did was deploy a HubSpot expert to evaluate their systems and identify their key areas for improvement. We refreshed their database with clear naming conventions, eliminated old, stale information, properties and contacts, and helped them identify new opportunities to leverage the tool itself to support marketing efforts. 

We then began building out a project management process for copy development through, identifying new ways for copy to be constructed - 

allowing them to identify how to find ideal resources to support their copywriting needs. 

Existing marketing workflows were refreshed, rewritten and tested to identify prospect engagement - helping the client begin to understand how to create workflows and copy that could identify ways to predict conversion behavior and implement lead scoring. 

Working with teams from around the world, we successfully engaged in ways that considered a global, corporate culture and encouraged comradery and organization in order to drive revenue and positive change. 

So, what was the bottomline?

Overhauled HubSpot Systems <6 months

Completely overhauled their MarOps systems and quickly fixed internal structural, and process errors while implementing best practices

Built a Project Management System

Created a new project management system that supported creative and internal teams' processes and requirements

Optimized Marketing Automations

Developed custom journey mapping, workflows and a content strategy for prospective and existing customers

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