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Every dollar matters to start-ups and shouldn't be wasted on efforts that can't be measured.

The Challenge

Getting started in the SaaS world isn't easy. And despite their one-of-a-kind HR data solution, the first and only of its kind on the market at the time, our client struggled to manage the workload of developing intentional marketing efforts that could be easily measured and understood, while also aligning with product development goals. A HubSpot user, they had chosen the right tools, but didn't have their systems optimized for the best performance. 

They also lacked the cohesiveness required to bring their revolutionary SaaS product to market - never having leveraged multi-channel marketing campaigns and strategy, or the full capabilities of a properly built HubSpot marketing solution. They needed direction, strategy and systems - stat. When they finally found an affordable, no-nonsense consultant to help bring their efforts to the next level, they couldn't wait to schedule a discovery call.

Too Much MarTech
Having too many of the same marketing platforms was weighing down their ability to efficiently manage marketing efforts and created unnecessary costs.
Brand & Messaging Confusion
Without consistent brand standards and guidelines, product, leadership and company messaging were inconsistent - resulting in weak branding and prospect confusion.
Vendor Overload
With multiple vendors and limited direction, along with no solidified marketing plan, productivity was present but not yielding measurable results and spend was high.
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The Solution

Starting with a discovery session, our client knew that not only were our services different and specially crafted to meet their immediate needs, but that we could quickly and efficiently provide them with the strategy and process structure they needed to make sense of their marketing spend, team members and how their vendors and contractors played a role in their overall corporate layout. First, creating a master marketing plan, our client could easily see who and what resources were needed to support their monthly goals for lead generation and brand awareness. 

We then began building out their content plan, solidifying the messaging and positioning and developing purpose and goals for each of their active team members - contractors and employees alike, working in a single, complimentary and unified fashion. 

After evaluating their existing MarTech stack, not only was our client spending 2x more than they should have on marketing technologies, but their systems had been set up - backwards! Causing them to lose valuable prospect information and the ability to properly leverage their existing marketing tools. A Certified HubSpot Solution Provider, our team worked with them to migrate their marketing efforts into a single HubSpot powerhouse, saving them hundreds of dollars per month despite having to upgrade to a higher cost HubSpot subscription. 

Closely working with their existing marketing team, we helped create consistent, fluid objectives and provided each team with the tools they needed to understand how to properly measure success. 

So, what was the bottomline?

Reduced Marketing Costs by 30% MoM

Teaching them how to better leverage their internal resources and unify their marketing systems made their efforts more efficient and cost-effective.

Team Members Were Empowered

By creating purpose for team members in their roles and showing them how their contributions added to the company's success, productivity increased.

Workloads Became Balanced

Everyone understood, clearly, what was needed to get results, so hanging it up at 5pm was actually possible! For a start-up, that's pretty much unheard of.

They Were Actually Getting Results

With a clear plan of action and implementation, MQLs and SQLs began to flow and they were able to finally see the fruit of their marketing efforts.

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