Top marketing events for 2022 and why you should attend

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Marketing events can be pivotal for start-ups, whether that be to learn more about the industry, to see what competitors highlight about their business, gathering inspiration, or something else. Whatever your motivation for attending marketing events - virtual or in-person - we wanted to take some time to break down some of the ways we think these events can level-up your start-up’s marketing efforts. 

We know the big, scary world of marketing can be hard to break into, especially as a start-up business. However, going to events such as the five we are going to discuss below, can provide unique opportunities, inspiration, and learning experiences that you may not otherwise come across in your marketing journey.

First let’s dive into some of these opportunities and experiences. 

Benefits of attending marketing events

Some of the most tangible benefits of attending marketing events, and reasons to why we think you should attend one or a few of the 2022 marketing events below, are focused learning, network growth, hearing from thought leaders, taking a break from the day-to-day. Starting off, focused learning will be in no short supply at these marketing events. Attending these events allows you to focus in on the topics being discussed by knowledgeable speakers and often, you can walk away with a wealth of resources and content for reference. Additionally, since you will be attending with like-minded people, this is a great venue to grow your network professionally.

You have the ability to meet with people and vendors from many geographical bases and experience levels who can lend insights to accelerating your start-up’s growth. A connection made here can even open doors to a referral or partner business, expanding your audience reach almost instantaneously. Third, the speakers at these events are often relevant though leaders who will share about the latest happenings in trends and industry, which can guide your strategy for more success.

Finally, attending a marketing event will give you a productive way to take a break from the day-to-day grind. Rather than feeling guilty or trying to catch up after a traditional vacation, these events allow you to step away from the daily work, whether that be attending virtually at your favorite coffee shop, or actually traveling to an in-person event. This break can act as a refresher to your motivation while also lending a competitive edge to what you can implement once “back on the clock.” 

What to expect when attending marketing events

Let’s dive a little further into what these events do, but only enough so that we can still cover the five events we think you should consider attending in 2022 without writing an entire novel. As mentioned above, these events have sponsors/vendors, typically who are well-known and on the leading edge of industry. By being able to interact with these industry partners, you can choose one to emulate as your business grows. Be careful here not to glom onto their strategy and material too much, though, because it will begin to bleed into what you create, and you want to be unique, not a copy-cat.

Along the same lines, you can gather ideas and inspiration from both complimentary and competitive businesses to your own. Look at what they choose to present about their business and how they present it. See what you would do differently, what attendees are drawn toward, and what stands out positively. Again, there’s a high likelihood that the other attendees have similar mindsets, so it’s critical to network for professional gain. However, this also opens doors to attracting new customers. Think about this as you represent yourself in networking interactions and consider ways to partner with other business to expand your audience reach.

Finally, by attending in--person events, you can get a taste for what it takes to be a sponsor at these events. Take note of the materials, time, commitments, and cost of hosting a booth to determine if this is a beneficial venture for your start-up down the road. In virtual attendance, consider what electronic resources are presented and the time needed to produce such content. You have a special opportunity to get an insider’s look at these events without investing too much before you’re ready to market your small business to a larger audience.

Marketing events you should consider attending in 2022

Now let’s get to the good stuff - here’s our top five list of events to consider attending and what they have to offer! (The names are hyperlinked if you want to learn more directly from the source… just to make it easy)

  1. SMBWorld -  SMBWorld 2022 will feature over 20 speakers across two days on a fully virtual platform. This event is catered toward small businesses by small business leaders. Due to this, this is a great step into experiencing both marketing events and tailored content for your start-up business. A pro to the fully virtual event is that you can save money by not needing to pay for travel, lodging, and food. However, since you will most likely be attending from home, you will need to set boundaries and be strict with yourself to learn so that you aren’t missing content by being distracted. 
  2. DigiMarCon - DigiMarCon (Digital Marketing Conferences) is a comprehensive online guide to Business Startup Conferences. The conferences recommended on this site have regional availability and explain what each conference highlighted is targeted toward in terms of content. DigiMarCon’s Global Conference and Exhibition Series hosts in-person events in 40 cities across 18 countries to hear from thought leaders and get insight on emerging strategy, innovation, and best practices for your small business. 
  3. Instagram Summit - Instagram Summit, like SMBWorld, is fully virtual. This event is geared toward growing your business’s visibility and brand on Instagram. Topics will be how to gain followers, get your followers to engage with your profile, and how to grow your Instagram presence from people who have done just the same. 
  4. Sellers Summit 2022 - This event is “The Ultimate ECommerce Learning Conference” to help you deep dive into a two day ecommerce workshop where you can be inspired and learn how to run a successful ecommerce business.
  5. Social Media Week - This event is all about building and sustaining a brand on social media. Leading social media and marketing experts will be leading topic discussions to help boost your brand so it is noticed and will help to gain you engaging followers. 

Hopefully you’ve stuck it out this far and you’re intrigued by what we presented to you today. Whether you choose to attend one, a few, or all of these events, it’s a great way to dip your toe in the proverbial pond of marketing events in 2022 to level up your start-up business marketing.

And if you’re ready to take an even bigger step, feel free to contact us today for your consultation to talk through strategies for your business. 

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