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We get it. When you hear marketing professionals talk about the importance of consistency when creating content, it can begin to sound a little bit like Charlie Brown’s teacher. On top of all the other responsibilities you have to keep your business running, creating large amounts of content to resonate with potential clients may be one of the last things on your priority list. This shouldn’t be the case, however.

Creating great content that attracts potential clients to your website and sets you apart from your competitors is crucial for the growth of your business. Before we begin to drone on, we’ve compiled a few simple, yet effective methods to help you consistently create quality content for your business.

📚 Build your knowledge 

Your audience will listen to voices they trust and you have a short window of opportunity to prove yourself worthy. That being said, it’s imperative that you continue to build your knowledge in your industry. While it may seem counterintuitive, consuming content from others in your field is the first step to consistently creating quality content.

Seek out the latest studies. Listen to popular podcasts. Find other mediums that make sense for your industry. The goal is to gain quality understanding and divert it into the intended process of content creation.

🕵️ Research your target audience

In order to reach your target audience, you must start with a well-researched strategy. Figure out what kind of content your audience is most likely to consume. Are they more inclined to read a blog of tips? Or perhaps a well-designed infographic? Maybe both?

You should also research which topics most interest them. This will help give you a framework to build a targeted strategy on. As you begin implementing your strategy, you must continue to study your target audience so you can assess any shifts you may need to make. 

♻️ Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose

Don’t overlook the content your company has already produced as a source for new content! You can exploit your pre-existing content to create new things. A blog post can easily become an infographic, social media graphic or video on YouTube.

This will not only help you be more productive, but it will also help you be more consistent in your production. You will be able to plan out multiple weeks with very few original pieces of content. 

✔️Create a pyramid checklist

A pyramid checklist is a catalog providing a structure of possible content topics. This catalogue empowers you with a formation to follow as you create content.

The first step to creating one is compiling a checklist of content to produce weekly or monthly, depending on what works best for your brand. It can be easy to get distracted as the month goes on and new ideas come to mind so this checklist will help keep your focus on the goals you are working towards.

📝 Make a plan

After you make a checklist of possible content topics, you must add a little more structure to ensure consistency in your production. For instance, what is the breakdown of the content topics? What structure is the content going to take? Does it require extra tools?

Consider possible layouts of content and a schedule for posting. This can help you make the most of your time and energy.

✨ Log ideas as they come to mind

Ideas have the annoying tendency of coming to mind at the most inconvenient times. As you’re surfing the web, talking to colleagues in your field or just as you're dancing in your car to your favorite tunes, it’s likely that a brilliant idea for content will pop up. Make sure to write those ideas down while they are fresh.

You don’t need to fully flesh them out, but don’t let them slip away. Keep a notepad or make a note in your phone where you can jot down at all times. Having an extensive backlog of ideas can help you overcome potential mental blocks. 

🔬 Analyze your results

Explore the patterns in the data of what your target audience is searching for. What are the contents people are constantly reading, watching or listening to? What content provides the best engagement?

This can be discovered by studying the time spent on each piece of content. Paying attention to analytics provides an idea as to what the most preferred type of content in the market is and also helps achieve identical or better outcomes from patterns in the data.

So, now what?

Content creation is the routine for every brand and has proved useful in different ways, one of which is reaching a brand’s specific audience. Consistently creating top-notch content, however, has proved to be a difficult nut to crack as it involves a ton of ideation, creativity and discovery. Creating that consistency might not be a straightforward process, but by employing these strategies, you can set yourself and your brand up for success. 

If you have questions about how to create a content plan, reach out to our team to receive a FREE content calendar template. Just send us a message and we'll provide you with a copy. 😘

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