9 tips for refreshing your SEO

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So, you’ve done a lot of research and implementation on your SEO, and you’ve included all of the right keywords for your website’s content, blogs, and social media posts. But, it’s clear that traffic from these efforts isn’t what it could be at all. What should you do? Well, understand that SEO strategy isn’t something you “set and forget”. Your SEO content needs to evolve as the landscape changes for your company’s specific market(s).

An effective way to ensure this happens is by tracking the results your company’s SEO content is getting and analyzing such data against your KPIs. For example, marketing generated sales leads, SQLs, or even new revenue after a specific marketing campaign are good ways to determine if your SEO content needs a refresh. That way, you can ensure that your content is reaching your target customers.

But, what are some of the most effective ways to refresh your SEO content?

Keep reading and we’ll tell you!


9 tips for refreshing your SEO


#1 - Use influencer or expert language

A great resource for refreshing your SEO is to use keywords that reflect the language being used by current influencers and other experts. These keywords can make you relevant in what could be a quickly changing, even volatile market. SEO keywords based on well-known, respected voices, leaders, authorities, and the credibility of these special people will help to keep your business in front of your potential customers and provide you with opportunities to showcase your value add.

#2 - SEO keyword research 

SEO is to perform keyword research, which means that you figure out the specific words or phrases that are popular for a current industry. These words and phrases are what people are actively searching for on the internet from day to day. But, even if you can use these special keywords to become more visible to your target audience, you will want to invite these same people to your call to action. How does this work? Easy.

#4 - Utilize calls to action

A CTA (Call to Action) is there to guide someone to the next step on their journey. So, make sure you use those special keywords in your CTA that are present in your SEO for marketing campaigns that will yield good returns. Also, whether you are asking for their email address or other personal information such as first and last name or having them complete a short survey to get a 20% off coupon, a CTA can be an effective way of engaging a potential customer that is still on the fence about your product or service.

#5 - Review your links

You want to be sure that you review the links to your content to validate that the links themselves are active and still functional and that the content behind the link has relevant or updated information. Either way, a link will affect your SEO ranking negatively whether the link is broken altogether or if the link works but leads your audience to information that is out of date, irrelevant, or even incorrect. Regarding that last point, see the next section below.

#6 - Update your content’s data based on current research statistics

While you want to be sure that your content is relevant and interesting, it should also be current! Depending on the topic, you may want to revisit your posts every few months or so just to be sure that the cutting-edge information you posted 3 months ago hasn’t become misleading because of recent events. So, don’t forget to use evergreen content. This is content that is specific to an industry, but it doesn’t rely on current events as it is data and information that won’t likely change over time.

#7 - Make your content attractive and shareable

Using well-researched keywords for your SEO can be bolstered by sharing quick, informative videos or simple infographics on your website or social media channels. This technique makes it easy for your audience to share your content and could boost your status as an influencer and move you into the spotlight as a subject matter expert in your channel. What better way to showcase the value ad you bring than to pass it along by word of mouth through social media and customers you’ve already won?

#8 - Update your websites layout

Websites change over time, or at least they should. You don’t want to be running your website on WebTV when everyone else is at least using GoDaddy or Angelfire to inform the internet what it is their business has to offer. (Actually, we’re pretty sure using WebTV is no longer possible, so if you still are that is probably some sort of bizarre accomplishment in itself!) Anyway, here are some tips for how you can keep your website fresh and informative.

Protect your customers from TLDR Syndrome and use numbered lists or bullet points to highlight your content’s key takeaways as well as your company’s many attributes and accomplishments. Be sure to break up this content with the appropriate use of whitespace.

Keep your content brief and rich with information, using bold font to help your readers focus on the important points of your content is always helpful. Also, since everyone usually scans a website first before they actually read it, headings and inline titles can make your website easier to comprehend at first glance.

#9 - Share your refreshed content on social media

Use your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to push information out to your audience. Remember who your target audience is and be sure to write posts that will grab their attention in as little time as possible since most people only visit a website page for 15 seconds.

Understand how each social media outlet’s user differs from each other. For example, LinkedIn posts would best be written with professionals from your company’s industry in mind whereas a tweet should be concise, informative, and maybe have an interesting image along with it. However, you want to be sure that your social media content represents your overall brand accurately, so your company’s persona isn’t lost in these various social media posts.

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