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The Challenge

After having found the perfect growth hack to start their business, this financial services client discovered that growth hacks can only take a company so far before their internal marketing and sales structures need to be solidified. When our team was asked to evaluate their current funnel and existing marketing materials to gauge whether or not they required enhancements to optimize their work, we saw that not only had there been no marketing plan created for the company, but their messaging and branding made it impossible for prospects to understand what exactly it was that they did. 

Our team reviewed several points of action, including their credibility scores, to discover that this client needed to learn who they were and what they actually provided - despite having already been partially successful offering that service to customers. 

Working with the executive team and department heads, we spent time with them 1:1 to best understand how to approach their brand identity crisis, explain their offerings and set up the foundation of their marketing requirements in order to continue to support their corporate growth.

Very Fast Growth
The company grew unexpectedly fast and, as a result, was unable to keep up internally which was causing internal process, system and identity decay.
Brand & Messaging Confusion
Without consistent brand standards and guidelines, product, leadership and company messaging were inconsistent - resulting in weak branding and prospect confusion.
Shifting Demand
After experiencing a COVID-era growth hack, they struggled with planning for how to continue their efforts and keep revenue channels healthy.
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The Solution

Starting with a discovery session, our client knew that we were paying close attention to the details of their existing business development work, but quickly realized that no foundational marketing and sales plans or systems had been built - causing internal brand disfunctions, decreasing company credibility and establishing inconsistent messaging across all national locations.

We met with executive leadership and began to help them build their brand essentials - guidelines, messaging, imagery - and began working with them to renew their virtual presence.

Shortly after, their website was renewed and began to provide a clean, easy-to-understand funnel for prospects that helped them establish what services were now relevant in a post-pandemic financial era and how they could offer value by offering their proprietary technology and compliance practices to support corporate tax credits. 

They are now established, driving revenue in other areas of their business, diversifying their offerings, and beginning to use a new CRM, various sales trainings and internal processes to invest in their on-site teams to help support retention and professional growth.

So, what was the bottomline?

They Now Know Who They Are

As a company they now have a comprehensive and unified understanding of the foundation of their business.

Team Members Were Empowered

Defined purpose for the teams - showing them how their contributions added to the company's success.

Services Were Diversified

They were able to go to market with new avenues for revenue generation and also revive their existing offers.

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