Our Partners

We pride ourselves on working with the best solution partners that understand our client-first model for growth and are proven experts in their area of business
Data Analytics and Inclusive Design
Miranda McKie
Miranda and team leverage data and advanced analytics to implement data-driven strategies, inclusive design and enterprise platform development.
HubSpot Services Specialist
Eric Lebowitz
Eric is a HubSpot service partner that provides best practices in the implementation and management of HubSpot systems.
Lead Gen & Business Development
Patrick Baynes
Patrick is the CEO and Founder of Nerdwise, an expert firm that helps organizations thrive with business development best practices.
Fractional CRO & Sales Development
Frank Bastone
CEO and Founder of The Social Expert, Frank is a trusted sales leader and CRO that provides consulting and sales development services.
Email Marketing Specialist
Alicia Norton
Founder of Alicia Norton Visuals LLC., Alicia provides content and email marketing service support for B2B clients.

Large and Small - We've Helped Them All

Our partners have worked with us, as well as independently, to come alongside Fortune 50 companies and beyond - all of which add to their credibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're curious to know why working with our team is the right idea, below are a few reasons you'll want to contact us

Can my business become a partner?
If you are a B2B service provider that focuses on offering marketing, business, product or sales services to technology, nonprofit, finance or another relevant industry we would consider your application. 
What is the advantage of being a partner?
Partnering with Krohn Marketing means that you'll have access to a network of resources and potential new clients that mean business and honor our values model.
How are partners compensated?
Partners of Krohn Marketing have various referral models, but our primary goal is to provide excellent services to our clients - so much so that new business referrals supersede one-time kickbacks.
Do your partners provide international services?
Yes, our partners are based in both the U.S. and Canada and provide international services.

Apply to Become a Partner

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