Can AI Copywriting Tools Hurt Your Business?

Chat GPT,, Mentum, Wordtune and more are here - but will they help or hurt your business?

When you're struggling as a small business or start-up to get your marketing off the ground, copy and messaging are always at the top of your needs list. In 2022, AI copywriting tools, like, ChatGPT, Wordtune and others rocked the world into realizing that, for an affordable rate, the copy you need could be written for you in a matter of minutes and with little effort on your end. 

Meta descriptions, blogs, social media posts, website copy, eBooks, white papers - even poems, songs and love letters - can all be generated by simply entering a command into one of these systems. Is what's generated always perfect? No, but it takes only moments to slightly adjust a few periods and commas and suddenly you've presumably saved an incredible amount of time, money and effort.

Do you need a personal copywriter if you now have access to this incredible solution that creates AI generated copy?

And, if you are a copywriter, are you now suddenly out of work? 

We've heard it all and have been asked. Our team has come to several very important conclusions that our consultants have provided to our clients, and we wanted to make available to you as well. 

What are AI Copywriting Tools?

We asked Chat GPT that question and here is the response we received (check out the image to the right). 

Just as the tool explains, AI copywriting tools "help users generate written content". Notice that you don't see the description talk about how these tools replace copywriting needs or will fully create original content for you. The sole goal of AI copywriting tools is to be a support system for writers - providing a sounding board of sorts for how to think about topics and write them in a creative manner. 

chat gpt what is ai-powered copywriting tool

Some AI copywriting tools also include SEO capabilities as well. Scalenut is a primary tool that we use internally to support the optimization of existing content. The tool itself will also use AI to help users ideate new subject lines, meta descriptions, refresh sentences in old copy and more. However, again, it does not replace a human writing the actual copy. Someone has to be behind the driver's seat of the platform telling it what to create and do. And that driver has to hit the gas pedal with strategy in mind. 

How to tell if someone has used an AI Copywriting Tool

If you've hired an agency to write copy for your business or a freelancer from a contracting site, how do you really know if it's original copy and not AI copywriting tool generated? 

Our partner at reviews exactly how their AI content originality checker platform does exactly that in this video.

fractional cmo

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How AI Copywriting Tools can help your business

AI copywriting tools are wonderful - tools, or resources for your business and team to utilize. We recommend Scalenut as an AI copywriting tool that can take your business to new heights and provide your team with fresh, new ideas for how to reach their ideal audience with great information. 

The best way to use an AI copywriting tool is in unison with a great marketing strategy and plan. AI copywriting tools that utilize SEO best practices should work with and alongside you to help optimize copy that's already been created. 

How AI Copywriting Tools can hurt your business

If you're considering using an AI copywriting tool as your primary source of content generation - think again. Our team gets asked this question all the time - "Why can't we just use this AI copywriting tool instead of hiring a copywriter? It's easier and requires less time." 

We advise against approach for multiple reasons:

  • Search engines know what is AI-produced versus people-produced and will evolve to rank genuine, original content and discount or discredit AI-produced copy. This means that a "cheap" or "easy" investment now will cost you thousands of dollars to invest fixing, later. 
  • AI copywriting tools are there to support your business, not supplement a human.
  • AI copywriting tools don't write with strategy in mind that supports your departmental or corporate goals.

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